What do we offer our – Candidates?

What do we offer our Candidates?

We offer a completely confidential service to our candidates, meaning we attract top quality professionals who are often employed but wish to look for a new position having confidence in us that their details will not be passed around or added to a mass mailing list.

We will only forward your CV to Clients once you have an indication of the job role and location. We keep you informed of the progress of any application and will always give feedback. We will support you through the entire process from interview and job offer to acceptance

Optional support for Candidates (please contact us for a quotation)

  • CV writing
  • Professional awareness development
  • Personal profiling using DiSC®
  • Interview techniques coaching

So if you’re looking for a new challenge in the motor industry, please send us your CV so we can find you the right automotive career. From senior management positions to sales staff , technicians and parts through marketing, accounts or administration we will find the motor trade vacancy for you.

We will contact you to discuss how we can help you find your new motor trade job. And once you’ve decided which vacancy to apply for, we will interview you, along with one of our directors, to assess your suitability for the role. Our clients insist on only the highest-quality candidates being referred to them, and expect us to provide them.

Bluepoppy’s recruitment process ensures we match you to the most suitable automotive vacancy. Unlike a lot of other automotive recruiters, we tailor our approach to our clients so we find the right candidate for the right job. We want you to understand the values, traditions and cultures of the company and be able to fit into those, as well as having the right knowledge,skill set and experience for the role.
Whether you want to take the next step in your motor trader career, start a new challenge or simply fancy a change, Bluepoppy has the vacancy for you.

So, simply email us with your CV: cv@bluepoppy.co.uk